Friday, July 14, 2017

Navegante Introduce “Casino Doctors” brand to track live-gaming

Navegante Game Technologies has announced the offering of a new product line under their “Casino Doctors” brand. By using the latest artificial intelligence merged with cloud technology the product will concentrate on increasing casino player participation by tracking live-view stream of gaming activity with targeted triggered communication for instantaneous customer/host response.
Casino Doctors’ new “ReFLEX” prodcut is a digital communication platform with patented technology, revolutionizing with AI the interaction between a casino player and casino host and floor operations, the company announced. ReFLEX analyzes real time card-in player data and instantly triggers individualized SMS text and email offers, games and communications to players, hosts, and employees.
Navegante reported the “BounceBack” product improves loyalty marketing programs with automated direct mail marketing proven to increase casino revenues by 10 percent, spontaneous and without human input.
“Working with The Navegante Group over the years, who have been involved with over 70 gaming and resort clients, we have had the opportunity to test to perfection the best on-floor customer communication systems and taking casino marketing into a new era of real time automated technology,” said Robert Watson, chief technology officer at Casino Doctors.
Casino Doctors, powered by Navegante Game Technologies, will be offering a variety of other software systems, including an analytic tool and mail compiler, and “humanizing player cards” with an online account manager program. All software can be multi-formatted to PC and Mobile Use for gaming departments, and are fully compatible with all the major Casino Management Systems.

“As the name suggests, Casino Doctors is offering a full diagnostic review of a casinos’ internal player interface management system, and providing the cure. We believe we can improve a casino’s gaming revenues by several percentage points via our new AI technology marketing software programs. That’s big bucks,” stated Watson.

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